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Robin Habers


Guitar Lessons in Koog aan De Zaan

Private lesson 30 minutes: € 22,-*
Private lesson 45 minutes: € 33,-*
Private lesson 60 minutes: € 44,-*
Duo lesson   30 minutes: € 17,50 *
Duo lesson   45 minutes: € 26,25*
Duo lesson   60 minutes: € 35,- * 
(you have to bring your own duo partner)
* All prices exclude 21% VAT.
Lessons for students younger than 21 years are VAT exempt. 21% VAT is compulsory for students older than 21 years.
Koog aan de Zaan ('Oud Koog')

 (Online lesson is possible)



Do you want to learn how to play guitar or you want to improve your skills? Both beginners and more advanced players are welcome! I teach students of (almost) any age and abilities, helping them to develop their guitar playing skills through tailor-made lessons.
I cover almost all styles, such as: rock, pop, blues, soul, jazz, funk and basic-classical on both electric and acoustic guitar.
It is also possible to learn more about e.g. music theory/music notation, solo improvisation, songwriting and how to accompany yourself on guitar
For more information or a free trial lesson please call or send an e-mail:
tel:+31(0)6 24254802

Guitar Lessons in Utrecht & Amsterdam

Besides teaching at my own studio in Koog aan de Zaan I teach guitar at Cultuurcentrum Parnassos in Utrecht and at Muziekleswinkel Marjolijn in Amsterdam (Oost-Watergraafsmeer). For more information click on the links below.
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